Leica's high-performance lenses are all made, by hand, at Leica's main factory in Solms near Wetzlar, Germany. They represent the fruit of many years of experience in optics and precision mechanics and are produced using unique technologies, high-quality materials and the commitment and craftsmanship of expert staff. Only they can deliver true Leica quality to your images.

All M-lenses come with an effective large lens hood (except Summarit Series) and are equiped with a 6-Bit Coding for use on Leica M8/M8.2 and M9 cameras (except 3,4/135mm).



Noctilux 0,95/50mm Asph. "Edition 0,95"
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€ 12.900,00
Tri-Elmar 4,0/16-18- 21mm Asph.
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€ 5.400,00
Summicron 2,0/35mm Asph. chrome
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€ 2.380,00