DUOVID 10+15x50


This Duovid, with its 50 mm lens diameter and choice of 10x or 15x magnification, is a high performance binocular that can be changed in the blink of an eye to deliver detail recognition that was previously reserved only for spotting scopes.
In the 10x magnification mode it gives a steady image with a large depth of field. Then switch to 15x magnification and just as with a spotting scope you can see every pin sharp detail - and through both eyes! Due to its very good imaging performance, the 50 mm Duovid is also suitable for astronomical observation - the necessary tripod adapter for this is included with the binoculars. Over and above these uses, it is the ideal companion for stalking at dawn or if using a high seat. Their ergonomic design and tactile rubber armouring ensure a sure grip and therefore steady image - even in wet weather and when wearing gloves.
The 15x magnification is perfect for observing shy birds over long distances or watching the moon on a clear night . The 10x magnification on the other hand offers a great overview of nature and you can switch between the two magnifications quickly and easily as required.

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