LEICA M10-P black

M as milestone: The Leica M10-P, like the Leica M10, impresses with its more compact dimensions, improved performance and even more intuitive operation.


The top of the M10 is just 33.75 millimeters deep and thus four millimeters thinner than that of her sister Leica M (Type 240). This makes the Leica M10 the slimmest digital M ever. In addition, a new closure was installed which is almost noiseless. This makes it the quietest Leica M camera ever built.  


New touchscreen controls such as wiping and pinch zoom Built-in level indicator. Same sensor, processor, LCD (Gorilla Glass), ISO, connectors, frame selector, buffers like the M10. Dimension: 139X38.5X80  


"Camera without lens"


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