LEICA Rangemaster CRF 2800.COM


This Rangemaster is the first Leica rangefinder with built-in Bluetooth, which in combination with the specially designed smartphone app offers boundless freedom and precision in distance measurement.  


With the combination of precise distance measurement, the Leica ABC ballistic system, intuitive operation, Bluetooth technology and unique design, Leica sets new standards as a pioneer in distance measurement with the CRF 2800.COM.   With the Leica Hunting App, which was specially developed for the CRF 2800.COM, individual ballistics settings can be conveniently configured on the smartphone.


On the smartphone app can be selected for the weapon suitable for laboratory. The distance calculation takes into account both temperature, air pressure and angle. In fractions of a second, either the linear, even distance (EHR), the holdover or the click adjustment are calculated and displayed.  

- Access to the Leica Ballistic Tool via our new Leica Hunting App -Bluetooth connectivity

- 100% eye safe laser, laser class 1 product -Measure range up to 2,600 meters, highest range of its class for more security

- New LED display: high-quality, high-performance display with brilliant display, excellent readability and brightness adjustment

- The extremely fast scan mode captures the environment every 0.3 seconds and decimals the values ​​up to a distance of 180 meters - for a precise, safe shot at any distance.

- The new Leica Hunting App provides the user with a new level of comfort, all settings on the CRF can be easily made with the Leica Hunting App. Create your own ballistics profiles and send them directly to the CRF.

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