APO-Summicron-M 2,0/75mm ASPH. silver anodized


The silver APO-Summicron 2.0 / 75mm will be manufactured in a planned number of only 300 pieces. If it stays that way, it is already a rare collector's item!


The Leica APO-Summicron-M 2/75 mm ASPH. has set new standards in the Leica rangefinder system in terms of imaging performance since its market launch. Due to its light intensity, the powerful lens can be used universally from portrait to reportage photography and is one of the best lenses of the Leica M system. When used with the digital Leica M8, the possible uses of this telephoto lens can be further enhanced. Due to the focal length extension factor of the digital rangefinder camera, the compact lens becomes a powerful telephoto lens with a focal length of 100 millimeters and is therefore the ideal partner for ambitious Leica M8 photographers. In the compact Leica APO-Summicron-M 2/75 mm Asph. Leica combines all the technical possibilities of today's high-performance optics in order to realize a photo lens of exceptional image quality with high light intensity at the same time. It has aspherical surfaces, special glasses with anomalous partial dispersion and floating elements. On the Leica rangefinder camera - whether analog or digital - it is the ideal lens for a concentrated view of scenes, nature, arrangements, landscapes and people, be they infinite or at the close-up limit of the lens. Its resolution is far higher than that of the best photographic color films. It is an optical documentation tool of the absolute top class.



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