LEICA Elmarit-R 2,8/135mm Version II (3-cam)

LEICA Elmarit-R 2,8/135mm Version II (3-cam) Year of manufacture 1974 in technically and optically good condition with signs of wear. The lenses are clear and free of scratches. The UV filter is included in the scope of delivery.

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No. : 2729976 Condition : C Year 1974



The LEICA Elmarit-R 2.8/135mm 3-CAM of the second final series has a different new lens construction that is identical to that of the excellent 135mm M-Lens. Even with an open aperture, fine details right into the corners are displayed in high contrast, sharply and clearly. An unjustly underestimated lens that can still be obtained relatively inexpensively.