LEICA Ig + Elmar 3,5/50mm + Aufstecksucher

LEICA Ig Bj. 1957 + Elmar 3.5/50mm with sun visor + attachable viewfinder, rangefinder and sun visor in very good condition with small signs of wear. The rangefinder has a minimal offset.

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No. : 925638 Condition : A-B



The Leica I g, which was available from 1957 to 1960, was the last model in the line of classic Leica screw mount cameras intended for special photographic applications.
Derived from the Leica III g, which was also available from 1957, the I g represents the simplified basic version without viewfinder and rangefinder. The self-timer was also not installed in the I g. In the short production period of just three years, a total of only about 5,968 cameras were produced.