LEICA M monochrome CCD

LEICA M Monochrom year of manufacture 2011 with finally exchanged CCD sensor in technically and optically good condition with signs of wear and four batteries

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No. : 4347184 Condition : C Year 2011



The LEICA M Monochrom is the rare monochrome counterpart to the Leica M9 and the world’s first monochrome full-frame camera. With its CCD sensor, it bridges the gap between analogue photography and high-resolution digital photography with an analogue-looking image character. In terms of dynamic range, image sharpness, resolution and ISO sensitivity, it not only set new standards when it first appeared, but still amazes and amazes today. Its “only” 18 megapixel resolution image sensor in 35mm format does not have a color filter and is therefore inherently more light-sensitive as these filters absorb light. Four pixels are also not required to “produce” a colored pixel. This enables significantly sharper images than with a color camera, because color interpolation is not required. So this camera is by no means an M9 camera that “only” photographs in black and white, but an enormously exciting innovation from Leica Camera AG!