LEICA M3 “double stroke”

LEICA M3 “double stroke” year of manufacture 1956 in technically and optically good condition with only a few signs of wear

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No. : 833857 Condition : B- Year 1956



The LEICA M3 appeared in 1954 as the first series camera with a bayonet connection, which made it much easier to change lenses quickly. The LEICA M camera and the M mount were born. In this version, it had the characteristic belt attachment loops, the so-called “Buddha ears”. To transport the film, you had to press the lever twice. These “double stroke” models are extremely popular and are sought-after collector’s models. The LEICA M3 cameras, produced between 1954 and 1967, enjoy a legendary reputation among photographers and collectors. Icons of modern photography were taken with this camera and probably no other camera system shaped modern photography Photography and imagery as strong as this Leica M series.