LEICA Q2 Reporter

Ultra-robust product variant with Aramid fibers armour

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Instead of the traditional leather trim, the Leica Q2 Reporter is equipped with a ‘body armour’ made of Aramid fibers, a synthetic material widely used in the production of high-grade protective clothing. This is perfectly complemented by the camera’s matte-green finish, achieved with a particularly scratch and abrasion resistant paint. The result is an exterior that is both hard-wearing and discreet.
The Aramid fibers, which is characterised by a distinctive weave pattern, effectively protects the camera against mechanical, chemical and thermal hazards. Although the fabric is initially near black, exposure to natural UV rays will gradually change its tone, until it closely matches the camera’s paint finish. In addition, the Aramid fibers become slightly more raised over time, which further improves the photographer’s grip on the camera.
The camera’s overall design shows that a strong emphasis has been placed on an unobtrusive appearance: the red Leica logo on the front has been omitted; the engravings and operating elements are discreetly inlaid, so that neither their purpose – nor the camera’s true value – are immediately apparent.