LEICA Thumb support silver for M10/M10-P

The LEICA M10/M10-P/M10-R thumb rest allows a safe control of the camera and ensures longer exposure times especially when photographing with just one hand. It is made of brass and milled from a block. It features the same coating as the camera and thus forms an optically unit.

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No. : 24015 M11 / M10 / M10-P / M10-R

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Reduce the risk of camera shake. – Sliding the thumb support into the hot shoe enhances the ergonomics of the Leica M10/M10-P. With the thumb pressed up against the thumb support, the camera can be held much more steadily and is easier to handle. It makes single-handed shooting much steadier and enables the use of longer shutter speeds without the risk of camera shake. The thumb support is CNC-machined from brass and is finished in the same classic surface coating as the Leica M10/M10-P to ensure a perfect match when attached.