SIGMA 30mm F1,4 DC DN | Contemporary – L-Mount

The SIGMA 1.4/30mm DC DN is a normal lens with a focal length of 45mm (equivalent full frame). It offers an angle of view similar to the human eye. Fully open it delivers a shallow depth of field for fascinating portraits, landscapes or snapshots. The perfect companion for any LEICA T/TL/TL2 and CL.

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A fixed focal length lens that with around 45mm with an aperture of f1.4 and offers an angle of view similar to that of the human eye. The shallow depth of field with the aperture fully open offers photographers ideal conditions for fascinating portraits and still lifes. A smaller aperture with a greater depth of field can be selected for landscape photos or snapshots. Standard lenses offer a wide range of photographic applications and have therefore been part of the basic equipment of photographers for decades. SIGMA lenses with the designation “DN” offer optimal performance in connection with LEICA CL/TL cameras.

L-Mount, APS-C-Format